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Hokkaido International School 2018

Hokkaido International School 1958

Hokkaido International School 1958

Hokkaido International School 2018

60th Anniversary Of Hokkaido International School

By: Masayori Sudo Hasegawa

Built and Founded in 1958, Hokkaido International School has hit their 60th Anniversary. Students briefly met their classroom and homeroom teachers, and afterward, they rejoined with their parents to form a giant 60 on the backfield while their parents and teacher surrounded them in in a giant circle. 


There will be a couple of 60th Anniversary Events that will be hosted this school year, those will be: 


  • Screening of the HIS Documentary 

  • 60th Anniversary Gala Event

  • 60th Anniversary Piano Concert


Please make sure to join some of these events as they will be memorable and enjoyable. The dates will be announced soon so please keep in check with the Husky Pulse. Stay tuned!



History of HIS

Hokkaido International School opened as Hokkaido American School in 1958 when the local US military school, Camp Crawford U.S. Army Dependents School, closed. The school started with 12 children from five missionary families who were left without a school.


In 1962, the school changed its name to its present name, Hokkaido International School, and moved to its own new campus in Fukuzumi. Students selected the school mascot, the Husky, as well as the school colors, Kelly green, and white. 

In the early 1990s, HIS, with the cooperation and assistance of the city of Sapporo and the prefecture of Hokkaido, developed plans for a new school to be constructed in Hiragishi, and the school moved to its new and present facility in the fall of 1995.

In 2018, HIS has finally reached its 60th Anniversary, having more then 200 students enrolled from different parts of the world. We have created a new logo to comomorate us reaching the 60th anniversary

The Artist of the Logo

Hokkaido International School 

60th Anniversary Logo

The creator of the logo Subha Chowdhury had to incorporate 6 factors towards the new logo.

She had to preserve the basic design of the original anniversary logo but add on these factors:


1. Prominently and tastefully feature a diamond into the design as a symbol of 60 years.


2. Feature either red, the characters 還暦 or both in a creative and appealing way. 


3. Incorporate the school's tagline, "Honor, Savor, Inspire".


4. Incorporate the years 1958 - 2018 in a creative, attractive and noticeable way.


5. Feature a graduation cap into the design as a symbol of alumni.


6. Alter the logo in a way that the color yellow, for friendship, is tastefully and noticeably incorporated. 


Subha Chowdhury was able to incorporate most of the factors and created a fascinating logo. 


1-55, 5 jo 19 chome
Hiragishi, Toyohira-Ku
Sapporo, Japan 062-0935
CEEB Code (school code)

Contact Us

Phone: (81) 11-816-5000
School Hours
Mondays-Friday: 08:30 – 15:30



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