Types of Students in HIS

By: Hamza

     Average: This species of students are very complacent with everything. there grades, there homework, there effort in activities. They spend about 1-2 hours studying after school. They don't aim to be the best, at the end of the day when they get a C on there test they become happy. Truth be told, i am the best example i can give you for average. I don't always get As but when i do even i can't believe myself.

     Overachiever: This group of people have only one mindset, if it's not an A then it isn't good enough. There standards are so high, they study after school, during class, at dinner, in bed, while brushing their teeth, in the toilet, pretty much anywhere everywhere. They can even study two subjects at a time. They ask other people how much they got just to show off their own grades.

     Let's look at Saiesh, he studied over the summer about all the criteria covered in school. He is nailing every class with straight As. my curiosity led to me asking him “what keeps you motivated to get As” he replied “The unstoppable marching of time that is slowly guiding us all towards an inevitable death”

     The Sports Freak: These hyperactive over-excited overconfident folks are all about playing ball. They go to every practice, participate in every sports event, play sports after school time, over the weekend, in the train, in public, in the shower, at the dinner table. They argue about their favourite sports teams.

     Let's look at Sohta , he is very good in sports. He is really eager to play basketball. I decided to ask Sohta what does he like about PE he replied “i wanna stay fit and its fun”


     The Outdoor adventurer: These people live life on the edge. They sign up for every trip, Contribute to outdoor education whatever way they can. There is not much to say about these guys other than the fact that they are Indiana Jones of the school.

     Let's look at Kaiser, he has been to every trip of the school, he does skiing, snowboarding, kayaking and hiking. I asked him “what makes you like outdoor so much” he replied ”when you are in outdoor it means you don't get to do much homework”




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