Milepost 3 Halloween Stories


The farmer saw a glow from his bedroom. What was that? He rushed outside to see what was happening. It was a pumpkin with a stick. He picked up the pumpkin and ZAP! It disappeared.

The farmer was frightened, He almost had a heart attack.

He went back to bed and just tried to forget everything.


The next day, the farmer went out and saw a scarecrow right in front of his door. He moved it back into the pumpkin field where it was supposed to be but it seemed to call to the crows as more and more crows came.


That night the farmer couldn’t sleep. He kept looking at the scarecrow. He waited and watched. 12am passed. 1 am. 2 am. 3am the scarecrow suddenly moved. The pumpkins started rolling all by themselves. He was petrified. When the sun came up, the pumpkins stopped moving.


The farmer called 20 of his friends and they all came over. They couldn’t believe what the farmer was telling them so they decided to stay overnight to see what the farmer was talking about.


Again at 3 am the scarecrow suddenly moved. The pumpkins started rolling all by themselves. The farmer and his friends ran outside to see what was going on.



Written by Ryosei


It was Halloween night when the scarecrow moved and crept quietly to my house.

I heard a tap on my window.

I looked out to see who it was and standing right at the window was the scarecrow and behind the scarecrow was a crow that was creeping up to the window too!

Scared, I ran outside.

The crow with a red eye came from behind me and it started pecking me…


The boy made a wonderful scarecrow. Just standing around with the red eyed crow perched on his shoulder, poking at his straw and no thoughts coming to his head.

Written by Sidney


One dark and stormy night, I woke up to a strange noise.


“What’s that?” I said in a shivering voice.

Then again, CREEAACKK!

By now I was under the covers. I was waiting for another sound but it was silent.

I got the courage and got out of the bed and tiptoes to the window.

“Oh no! I thought the scarecrow was gone!

My feet rushed against the floor.

I flung into bed and put the covers on top of my head.


I head it again.

I felt my body trembling.

I slowly started to lift the covers off my head to see a great big evil grin of a great big pumpkin!



I woke up panting like I was just chased by a lion barely escaping alive!!!

Then I realised it was all just a nightmare.


I looked out the window and saw that the scarecrow’s head was slightly tilted.

“Maybe it was real?”, I said in a frightened voice.

Written by Nia

I was TRICK-OR-TREATING when I heard this strange noise. It was the GHOST PARADE! I was surprised but I wanted to participate with the GHOSTS. Every ghost was having such a great time so it was hard to ask the GHOSTS if I could join in but I just tried my best to ask them. I asked “Cccccccccccan I jojojojojojojojojojoin…?” I was so nervous but one of the GHOSTS said “HUH? You’re not a GHOST.  You’re a HUMAN!!!!!! Every ghost laughed “WWWWWWWWWWWWWW”

I was so shy that I almost CRIED. But a few moments later one of the ghosts came and shouted,  “Stop bullying her!”

I turned my head and saw a  GHOST BUSTERS GHOST. The other GHOSTS were obeying that GHOST. I asked, “Who is that?”

One of the GHOST whispered, “He’s our boss”.

I was surprised. “What!” My eyeballs almost fell out of my head. I didn’t think that the boss would help me but I was really happy that he helped from getting bullied.

I asked again about the parade. “Boss, can I join in this PARADE? I really want to join because I really love HALLOWEEN !”

The boss shouted, “Of course you can! You should really enjoy this parade!”

When he said that he whispered to the other GHOSTS, “Never dare to bully her again!”

When the boss left I joined in and was enjoying the parade.  


After awhile I saw a portal and the other GHOSTS was going inside. I was wondering if I should go in but, just then, a wind blew and I was swept in the portal! I was really scared but the wind blew harder and harder and harder until I was through the hole.


I was in a town! I saw a big castle so I decided to go to it. As I walked toward the castle, I saw different GHOSTS flying and walking in the town.  When I finally made it to the castle I knocked on the door.  

A voice said, “Come in.”

So I went inside. There were lots of paintings and swords around the walls of the castle.


A GHOST appeared. It was ...the boss I had met before! The boss was surprised to see me too.

The boss asked, “What are you doing here?”

I answered, “I was just wondering where I am.”

The boss answered me, “You’re in the GHOST CITY.”

I was shaken and froze.

“How can I go back to my city?” I asked.

The boss answered me, “There is only one way to get out. You need to make a portal.”

I was stunned for a second and spoke, “Really?....OK I will try.”

I got the instructions from the boss about how to make a portal.


I walked back into GHOST CITY and got the materials and all the things I needed for the portal.

It seemed to take me days then months then years But finally I had made a portal!

I was a bit sad to say goodbye to the GHOST CITY but I knew my family was waiting for me.

So I said goodbye to everyone and to the boss too.

I stepped into the portal and again the wind blew. Harder and harder……….


I was in a dark town.  It was my town! I ran back to my house. I was back to the day I had gone TRICK-OR-TREATING but it was midnight.  When I returned to my home my family were waiting for me at the door.  I ran to them and hugged them. But my family became angry. WHAT! I couldn't believe their actions. I tried to run but they caught me.

I got grounded and had no TRICK-OR-TREATING for the next year 2 years.

I should have just stayed at the GHOST CITY.

Written by Joohye

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