Reading is magical, because it can make us think, reflect, and change.
When we think about the character or the situation in the book, we may start to compare it to our
own actions. After that, the reflection process will begin. We will start to reflect on our past
actions, current actions, or maybe even future actions that we think we are going to take. After
reflecting on our actions, the book we read can remind us to change our actions for the better.

The book that I want to recommend to you today is “into the magic shop” by Dr. James Doty.
This book shows the magical power of positive thinking and mindfulness meditation in an
extraordinary way. It is a true story of a young boy, Jim, who was having a rough childhood until he discovered a magic shop. He is now a successful Neurosurgeon which he owes everything to the Magic of meditation.

However, he neglected the most important lesson, to fully open his
heart, and that causes the problems later in the book , because, I quote,“If you don’t really know what you want and you get what you think you want, you’re going to end up getting what you don’t want.”. This book gives the reader the modified, unique way of mindfulness meditation.

Combined that with the interesting storyline, this book is perfect for all age groups. This book is powerful and simply magic. “Into the Magic Shop” will not only teach you the importance of
mindfulness meditation, but it also shows that we do have the power to change and transform
into the better version of ourselves.