Grit – Solution Creators who persevere. (S9)

CDGP Excellence

We all have the side of us that we are not good or not suited at. No one is perfect in everything they do.
We all want to achieve whatever goals, dreams and targets in life, you can’t just sit around and just
questioning yourself with “I wish”, “I hope” because it won’t change you in any way unless you change
your thinking to “I can do it” or “I will try my best” with the mind of perseverance. Perseverance means
to have thoughts to change or overcome the obstacles you are facing. This is very important because these
thoughts are bettering our life and helping us overcome the challenges that you never knew you can
succeed in.

Public speaking and overall socializing is one of the skills that I always want to overcome. Sometimes, I
just wish I was born with the ability to stand in front of the class and speak naturally without having to
make such weird gestures or eyes looking on the floor or ceiling. The fear of being judged around people
that I am not close with or when knowing that everyone is having ears on my speech or presentation
makes me very nervous. I notice myself quite avoiding many public speaking activities because I am not
confident and just afraid of messing up things even though I haven’t even tried them.

I came across this book by John Green ‘The Fault in Our Stars,’ the book taught me that I shouldn’t be
afraid because it is inevitable, and is a part of life; I should not give up and appreciate everything I have
done because it is a lesson for today. It portrayed the life of a girl who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer,
her depression overflowed her thoughts and mental health, until she was sent to a cancer support group to
cure the thoughts of her. At first, she was hesitant of going, but she decided to fight the thoughts of
depression and terminal cancer and lived her life as normal people do even though there were a lot of
obstacles ahead of her.

This makes me realize that my fear of public speaking is little to no problem compared to hers.

Back when I was in 7th grade, I went home and got a phone call from my friend’s mother, who is a
news reporter in one of English broadcasting stations in my home country. She called over and asked me
if I would like to be interviewed and spoke about the topic of ‘What I have in mind about my country's
situation and what I want my country to be like’. Because I am not confident nor good at doing any public
speaking, I told her I would think about it, but inside my mind, I clearly rejected the offer. I soon realized
that it would be a chance for me to challenge myself to do something new and is out of my comfort zone.
I used to complain about public speaking and overall presentations a lot to my father, and he would
answer with “I know that you don’t like it, but you can’t really avoid it all your life because this is the
skill that will become very useful and challenging once you enter college and work.” This makes me
realize that I should use this chance to improve myself, so I agree on doing it.

I practiced very hard, trying to remember the speech I am going to say in front of the mirror and
recorded myself on the phone multiple times for days until the day came. I felt very nervous and afraid of
speaking, especially when I knew that the words that I would say were on air and non-fixable. When I
finished my speech, I felt the big weight off my shoulder. I felt really happy that I got to experience the
moment that I don’t think I will ever have the chance to do again.

Even though I am not 100 percent satisfied, and have a lot of things that I wish I could have changed
looking back. I am still that person who sometimes afraid of presentation and public speaking. I’m glad I
took a step forward rather than stuck on myself and stayed in my comfort zone. Through this experience
and by reading this book, I learnt that I need to stop avoiding doing what I don’t like and force myself out
of my comfort zone like what the book mentions “Don't be afraid of struggles, because look, that's
inevitable and a part of life. You never know what the world has come for you, so go out and make things

Perseverance is the key to success in obstacles you would encounter in the future. I know that if I don’t
fix myself, then I would still be stuck to this limited ability forever and will never improve myself in any
way I want to. I have many things that I really want to accomplish and change myself, so I will always be
reminded with this book and experiences “No success was won without perseverance and constant