Alex's Big Day

“I’m starting school tomorrow and I don’t even have my pencil case yet!”

Alex screamed into the room with a wide mouth and eyes. 

“You can use your sister’s, and I will get you yours tomorrow,” His mom handed him a pencil case with pink ribbons and a sticker stuck on the side, which says ‘You Can Do It!’

(His mom gives him the pencil case and he has a confused face.)

His dream is to have many friends and play together every day. He couldn’t stop thinking of what will happen tomorrow. “Go to sleep,” his mom said.

But that night Alex couldn’t sleep. 

(In a bubble, like a dream—him playing with kids outside.)  

The next day Alex was full of excitement. 

He couldn’t stop thinking of what he will learn, who his teacher will be, and who will be his first friend. 

“Do you think that I can make many friends?”
(Alex is in his pajamas looking down at his shoes)
“Of course you will.” 
(Alex’s father is sitting on a chair talking) 

Alex couldn’t stop changing his clothes.
(Many clothes on his bed.)
From blue pants to green. White shirt to red. He wanted to look perfect and make a good first impression. 
(Alex holding 2 shirts and trying to choose.)

When he got to school, Alex felt like he had butterflies in his stomach. He was very nervous that he couldn’t even move his body.

Many kids ran to the field or the classroom, but Alex on the other hand couldn’t let go of his mother's hand. “I'm scared,” he mumbled.

(Alex’s stomach with butterflies in it. Like an x-ray)

When he got to the class, he saw many kids laughing, and playing.
(Double page spread with kids in the classroom playing with each other with smiles on their faces.)

He felt very lonely and sad, He didn’t think that he could do it.

(Alex in the back with his pencil case in his hand, looking at the sticker ‘You Can Do it!”)


He felt as though everyone was staring at him and judging him.

(Everything is black and white, everyone is staring at him. There is a circle with color where Alex is)
Ms. Honey came walking toward him during lunchtime. “Alex, what's wrong?” 

(Alex crying with Ms. Honey sitting next to him.)


“Alex, you need to try talking to them. Maybe if you try it won’t be that hard.”

 (Alex telling Ms. Honey his problem)
“I was scared on my first day, but then I stood up and walked toward a girl and said “Hi!”. (Alex not crying anymore and listening to Ms. Honey talk.)


Alex looked at a boy who was also by himself.

(Alex looked at the boy who was also by himself. The boys’ feet were shaking and he was holding a ball, with no one to play with.)
Maybe this is the boy that would be my first friend, he thought. 

(Alex thinking looking at the boy)

 “D. D. Do you want to play with me?” Then there was a long pause. ”Yes!”

( Alex standing in front of the boy trying to look tough.)
They both made their first friend. 

(Alex and the boy both happy)

After that, Alex got what he wanted: friends. 
He made many friends and made one very special friend. And they played every day from then on.

(The same picture as spread 2 but this time it's not a dream.)