I believe that it is important to self-reflect from time to time. This is because self-reflection can help you process your thoughts and feelings. As we leave our thoughts stuck in our minds, we tend to become confused, frustrated and tired from it. One day, I encountered the book called Catcher in The Rye, written by an American writer called J.D. Salinger. Whenever I have problems, I tend to keep them to myself instead of talking to someone about it. Through these actions it has made me feel insecure because I was too afraid to look back on past memories and to reflect on the things I’ve done wrong. However, this book has helped me understand how self-reflection can help us grow as individuals, and become more strong and independent. 

Artifact 1: 

J.D. Salinger wrote Catcher in the Rye because he wanted to capture the idea of how no single individual can save someone’s innocence from reality. The book is narrated by a 16 year old teenager named Holden Caulfield. After being expelled from school, Holden searches for the idea of “phoniness” of the adult world. Holden talks about the events that occured in his life and how the death of his brother Allie has affected him a lot. Throughout the book, Holden gradually becomes exhausted and mentally unstable. Salinger’s experiences of the terrible events that occurred in the second world war reflected Holden's loss of faith for the world, which was caused by his brother’s death. Although Holden understands that he needs to seek help, he continues to self-reflect on the things he could have done differently to preserve innocence for someone. The brutal world sickens him, but he continues to self-reflect to become a better person. 


Artifact 2:

I have always struggled with coping with my inner problems and sharing my problems with people. Even though I acknowledge that I should ask someone for help, I restrain myself from doing so because deep down I believe that I should be independent and not cause any problems to others. In the book, Catcher of the Rye, whenever Holden feels emotionally unstable, he would distract himself by drinking. Whenever I feel upset, I force myself to draw. Through creating a piece of art, I feel like I can communicate with others by creating work that reflects on my thoughts and feelings. As I self-reflect when I’m upset, I gain complex ideas for my art pieces. Drawing calms me down and it helps me feel better about myself. The book has helped me understand that even though you are going through things that you believe that people wouldn’t understand, it’s best to self-reflect on the actions you’ve made and continue to do so. It helps you grow as a person as you figure out the things you’ve done wrong. 


I have always struggled with communicating with others and I was afraid to look back on past memories. I would feel frustrated because of how lost I was in my own thoughts. I’ve never actually tried to self-reflect. When self-reflecting, the reflection doesn’t have to be based on negative thoughts, they can also be positive. Nowadays, whenever I reflect on something, I try to look at both sides, positive and negative results. For example I could think that “Although this was bad, on the other hand, this was positive.” Through creating these different solutions on how to develop as a person, I can see the value of how self-reflection can help us humans grow.