Cycling trip to Moerenuma to

Sapporo Satoland

By: Fahr Kakanang

One of the big part of our school, HIS, is the outdoor programs. Our school’s outdoor program allows students to explore the gorgeous nature of Hokkaido, students will have a chance to connect more with nature while learning skills of teamwork, helping each other and overcome the obstacles during the trip. Outdoor trip is also a great chance to create bonding between students.


Trips in our school are usually planned by the school or ADHOC club, but this cycling trip to Moerenuma park and Satoland Sapporo, was planned by a sophomore student, Kokona Kato on Sunday, 23th of September.

“I thought it would be a good idea if everyone can take a break from school, without a teacher and do whatever we want. We also get outdoor credit for going too.” - Kokona Kato

In Outdoor pursuit class, students need 4 outdoor credits for each semester, and students can plan their own trip with other students to get outdoor credit.

Why Moerenuma and Satoland?

“We can rent bikes and they are the biggest places that we can go and do cycling” hiking or other activities take too much time and it might be too dangerous to go by ourselves without teachers, and I thought it’s a good idea to get out of the city and just relax and have fun.”


-Kokona Kato, the planner and leader of the trip

Kokona’s trip got a great feedback from the participants


“It was fun, we don’t do these kind of trips in my old school and we don’t see much nature in our school so it’s nice to go out and see the nature. We were biking while socializing rather than just talk face to face, we were biking, talking and also racing” - Yannah Rabot, Sophomore


“I joined the trip because I want to relax and I wanted to explore different parts of Hokkaido. It was quite hot but it’s healthy and fun, y’all should try it out!”


-- Chat Jirawat Chatlekavanivch, Sophomore

Not only outdoor trip can benefit students physically by encouraging them to do more physical movements (exercise), it can also benefit students mentally because students can socialize more and helping each other which will develop their social skills. Outdoor trips can be very tiring sometimes but it’s also fun and there are tons of benefits. Lastly, I hope you all participate more in outdoor activities!

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