Fall Festival

Fall festival was on saturday the 3rd of November. We had to stay back on friday to set up or booth. We world until 6:30pm and all of use were chased out of the school. Kokona worked really hard on our poster, but it was quite hard to read so we had to start over again. We didn't have enough time to set up the booth.

    The next day there was SAT at the new dorm so we have to leave at 7:30 in the morning. After we left dorm we went to school to help other people. I first went to the gym and look at our booth. It was not even close to done so we had to rush our work and finish it. Next i had to go get the ice-cream and milk from the fridge. I realize the we didn't  have a blender so we had to grab kaizan’s blender.

    At 10am i had parking duty with Hamza and Kevin. It ended at 11am. While i was doing my parking duty, an old man driving a car crashed into the wall and started blaming the construction workers. I took a video and posted on my instagram story. After time was up i went back and helped Lucas sell milkshakes. There was a lot of people in line and it was very tiring.

    My job was just to make milkshakes until 11:30 and Yannah will take over for us. After that i went down to play some games and also bought food from the gym. My favourite was the takoyaki. It was really crispy on the outside and soft inside. It was 4 tickets for 8 takoyaki.

         At 1pm the festival ended. It takes us around 2 hours to clean up. It was really fun and i bet most of the people enjoy it. I cannot wait until next year. I hope it's even better than this year and hope more people would attend it.

By: Jirawat

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