Ski Day

By: Hut Chatlekavanich and Masashi Andrews

Ski days, the days that middle and high schoolers enjoy their day sliding down the snowy mountains of Sapporo. Many skiers and snowboarders hang around with their friends on the breezy mountain. This year the activity took place on the 13th and 14th February at Sapporo Kokusai ski resort. We participated in the event and gathered information from both skiers and snowboarders about their thoughts on ski day by sending out a google form for them to fill up. From the information we gathered, all of the students that we interviewed had given ski day a rating of over 5 on a scale of 1-10.


We asked why they had started either ski or snowboard, some of the answers we got were:

“The dorm students advised me to” - anonymous


“Because we live in Hokkaido and I think [it] is a good opportunity for us to do it because many people from different places come here just to do that” - anonymous.


One of the new students, Elia Mergaert, from France, joined our community this school year and was advised to pick up snowboarding by his dorm friends, and so he did. He stated that his first ski day was a “funny experience”. He really enjoyed snowboarding and had significantly improved his snowboarding skills in those two days. He really enjoys the moment when he’s boarding down the mountain. He told us that he would like to board next year if he returns to Japan.


Another Student who joined our community this year is Katya Rosero. She is also the sister of Kaori Perez, a senior who is graduating this year. She used to ski but this year she wanted to try something new, so she started snowboarding. Her first time according to her was “asome” or awsome in her language. On her first day, she screamed a lot but after a while, she adapted to the situation and was able to learn the basics of snowboarding. She liked snowboarding so much she broke the scale, she rated 1000/10. This shows that she is really looking forward to next year’s ski day. Her favorite part was when she “Bring in the snow and the way you move”. 



A snowboard lover, Tyler Clements, exuberantly told us about his ardent love for snowboarding. He loves the adrenaline that comes with it, that accomplished feeling you get after performing a trick. He gave us a quote that described his love for snowboarding:


“White powder [snow] is my drug of choice”


The last student that gave us a quote is Kai Walker. He told us how he loves the feeling of speeding down the slope, while the cold winter breeze blows on his face. He started skiing since he was nine years old, and has loved it since. We asked him how he felt about this year's ski day, he responded with one word:




From all of these quotes, and interviews, and that which we couldn't include in this report, we have concluded that the students of H.I.S absolutely love ski day. There was an overwhelming majority of students that had a positive feeling towards ski day and wanted to participate in it again. Enjoy your white powder [snow]!