International Youth Forum

2017 International Youth Forum

Last year, HIS attended The 3rd International Youth Forum which was held in Sapporo on Nov. 5 at Keio Plaza Hotel. The IYF invited a special guest from Massachusetts, speaker Mr. Peter Grilli, a movie producer and the President Emeritus of Japan Boston Society. His presentation based on the documentary film dealing with the 12 American prisoners of war in Hiroshima “Paper Lanterns” allowed the young participants and other participants to re-consider the meaning of not only “Peace” through education and dialogue, but also the importance of cross-cultural dialogues through cross-cultural interchange and educational program like the IYF. Our school, HIS, were lucky enough to be able to participate in this international event. 

This year, Hokkaido International School were also given the opportunity of joining this international event that took place in the same location. Motoko Rich,Tokyo bureau chief for The New York Times was a guest speaker for the 4th International Youth Forum in Sapporo 2018. Her topic revolved around the contemporary  issue of “HAFU” —a new trend in Japan. In her opinion, Japan will become a multicultural society, but one big question remains: Are the Japanese ready to move toward the heterogeneity of future where people are required to have a tolerance for diversity. HIS and other schools attending the forum came together and discussed about these problems and how we could come up with solutions to fix these matters that still lie in our society.

Overall, IYF was a great experience for the students of HIS as they got to experience a new event, where discussion and communication was a key factor. 

2018 International Youth Forum
By: Masayori Sudo Hasegawa

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