Josh Rafter's Personal Statement

All our aspirations and dreams begin somewhere and we all want to make that dream a reality. For me, that began when I watched airplanes take off and land at my local airport after school. My dream to become a pilot hasn’t changed and my passion for flying only grew when I had my first flying lesson. From then on, my passion grew into the possibility of flying for a career.


I love giving people a helping hand and I believe that there is nothing better than seeing someone grow and prosper, knowing you’ve been a part of their journey. I am lucky to be able to teach someone mathematics and English and watch them grow along with having someone trust me in helping them grow. Seeing my student succeed through the many hours I have taught them outside of school, has created a different kind of joy that cannot be matched.  During my vacations, I have worked to gain a perspective of what it is like to work with all kinds of individuals. I have worked at a bus company in Nagano, offering my bi-lingual abilities to help tourists find their way in Japan. While on my shift, I was approached by a mother of four who had broken her wrist while climbing down a mountain. I called an ambulance and translated what the ambulance crew was saying as they were treating the patient. Every day is never the same, I obtained the skills of finding solutions to unexpected problems for operations to run smoothly. I will never forget the faces of relief of people I have helped.


My working experience has taught me to be more trustworthy, persistent, and dedicated.  By creating time out of school to educate her has taught me how to maintain a balance between my own studies and teaching her. As I arrive at the end of my high school career, it has become more important to focus on school and less on work. However, my employment experience has created a foundation for me to build upon as it has made me a better person through the core values that I have grown to show which will be important as I transition into making my contribution to society.


I strongly believe that my growth as a person through the values of trust, persistence, dedication, has paved a path for me to become a commercial pilot. A pilot must be quick to find solutions to problems and must always create an enjoyable experience for his/her passengers. I am a ready and great candidate for your (college) program. I believe your program will take my flying to new heights and will make career takeoff.


My drive to help others and hard work are not to be wasted, and with my passion to become a pilot, I wish to leave a lasting smile on whoever flies with me. A dream is worth nothing when you don't chase it and don't work hard to fulfil it. I believe my passion to help others and the trust and responsibility I have obtained, has helped me come to a step closer to turning this dream into a reality. To this day, I still take flying lessons and nothing has ever derailed me from my dream of becoming a commercial pilot.  As Leonardo da Vinci once said, "Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward. For there you have been, and there you will always long to return".

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