Written by : Natasha & Kai

(Disclaimer: I have written this article a few days after my interviews, so some portions may not be completely accurate.)


At this time, students are not able to physically go to school where being reminded what to do is the norm. This has made it a more challenging occasion as students must arrive promptly to their online classes and motivate themselves to continue studying without any physical reminders. I believe many students, including myself, struggle with managing time and making sure assignments are being completed without delay. Now is the chance to apply critical change to our lives. In the words of Mr.Pangier, “Don’t do what I did, start before you’re thirty”.


Before school closed, I went to Mr.Pangier to get some insight on the matter. He informed me on the three important steps.

  1. Long term planning

  2. Daily routine across the week

  3. Life in the day

When applying this process to your life, think of it as the landing of a helicopter. You must begin with a big picture and then get down to the details. To begin from a wider perspective, set up your months. Label what events are happening on which days. Next, begin to plan your daily routine across the week. Get more into the details about what you are doing on that specific day and when. Then finally, really become a time management god and be able to implement these steps naturally in your everyday life. You will be able to live without constantly deciding and live a more structured lifestyle.


Here is a link to a website I found that allows you to download and print time management calendars.



        Here are some tips that may help you:


  • Meditate

  • Make a happy playlist :D

  • Find a hobby that you enjoy

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