by Sam

“Imagine flying,” Emily said. “In the air and everything, flying with the birds,” She kept going. “Flapping your wings and feeling the wind swish into your face,” She said to her little sister, sapphire.

“Yes, in the air with the birdies!” Sapphire exclaimed. “Tweet, tweet! Tweet, tweet!” She chirped.

Emily got out a piece of paper and started to draw herself and Sapphire in the sky with all kinds of birds.

“Look, it’s you and me!” Sapphire said. “It's me and you!” Sapphire said, happily.

Emily got up and ran towards the back yard, singing a merry tune. Then, she picked up Sapphire and said, “look, you’re flying!”

Sapphire had a little glow in her eyes because she had never been so high in the air before. They played games pretending to be birds and Drew more birds. But sapphire didn’t feel satisfied.

“I want to fly up!” She snapped.

“Up!” Emily said, “ok, I’ll try and get you high!”

She got some tape and taped her little sister to the wall.

 “I’m flying!” Sapphire exclaimed.

Sapphire now knew what a bird felt like.

The Monkey
by Charlotte

I hopped from tree to tree, following my group to a new campsite. We had been traveling for quite a while. I was tired. 

Father monkey said, “Here looks good.” 

I sighed with relief and slumped against a snowbank. Father monkey grabbed a branch and started poking the snowy ground, then leaned the branch against a tree. Then he grabbed another branch and did the same. Then another branch. He kept repeating until there was a large tree hut frame. 

“Let’s go explore!” said cousin monkey. 

“Ok!” I cried.

Older Brother monkey, Cousin monkey and I ran off. We hadn’t gone far when We came across a human Steamy Pool. 

“Oooh,” said Older Brother monkey. 

“Let’s go tell Grandma monkey!” said Cousin monkey. “She loves these.”

We ran all the way back to the campsite. Father monkey Was using tree sap to stick leaves onto the wood frame, leaving a small arched entrance. When he was done with the leaves he would cover them with snow. 

“Grandma monkey!” I cried.

“Yes?” she asked. 

“We found a Steamy Pool!” I cried.

“Is that so?” she asked. 

“Yeah!” said Cousin monkey 

“Ok,” Grandma monkey said. “Take me there.”


We bathed in the pool for about a half an hour. Then Cousin monkey, Older Brother monkey and I got out. Grandma monkey stayed in. 

I saw Older Brother monkey and Cousin monkey whispering. Probably about me. They always whisper about me.

I grabbed some snow. I rolled it into a ball. And I threw it at them.

The snowball exploded against Brother monkey’s chest. Cousin immediately grabbed a bunch of snow and threw it at me.

This started a raging snowball fight. We threw snowballs at each other for an hour.

Then Grandma monkey got out of the Steamy Pool. “Come on,” she said. “Let’s go home”




Best friends

Favorite games

Play for hours



Worst enemies

Deadliest battles

Fight for hours



by Nia

“This is to Radio One do you have eyes on the target? Over.” 

“ Radio Two I have eyes on the target. Over “ 

“I am scanning the area. It has a strong defense system. Trying to hack them. Over.”

 “Copy that. I am in sector 4.  Lava flour gives me the quickest route. Over.” 

“ Jump on the 2nd block to the right then 5 feet to the right. You have the glass object then somersault to safety. Over” 

Thump! Gravity Defier landed on the first block, backflipped to the second block, then, in mid-air, somersaulted to safety. 

“ Done. Over. “ 

“Gravity Defier you are nearing the sonic room. Grab your sound blockers to extract the noise. Over” 

“Sorry, what pocket was that again, Tekin? Over “

 “Uu, the right one. Over” 

“ Thanks. Over” 

Gravity Defier looked in his pocket and grasped the sound catcher attached to the handle and opened the door….. No sound. “Got it!  Over “ 

“Great! You entered your destination deactivating the security system.Uh oh the signal is breaking up!”


 Gravity Defier entered the room and saw the target. He neared it and was about to grab the target when he  remembered the counter was pressure sensitive.  He swapped an identical bowl but without the real device mission achieved.  Beep. The radio was back on.

 “Did you get it, Gravity Defier? Over”

 Yes, Tekin!  Over”
“Ok . Come back with the cheetos quick grampa! The kids are waking up! Over.”

 “Sure thing,  Grandma. Over.”



It’s summer, and the humans are looking as excited as ever, or not. As a hamster, It’s hard to understand how humans feel, since you’re in a cage in a small room and can’t see them for half the time. Well, at least I have Ethan and Emma in the cage with me. Ethan is a bit older than me, I think. Well, he’s bigger than me, eats more food than me and goes on the spinny thing more often than me. He’s quite intimidating, if you ask me. Emma is probably the same age as me. She looks like me, and we have the same routine, pretty much (Although I’ll admit I definitely sleep more than her.).

 “Hey, Emma?” I ask.

 “What is it?” She replies.

“The humans are making lots of noise, aren’t they?” I say.

 “Yeah, they’re louder than normal. It’s hard to sleep with that much noise going on in the house, isn’t it?” She yawns. 

“Mhm,” I reply. “Ethan?” I ask.

 “What’s up, mate?” He replies.

 “You look like you’re getting enough sleep,” I say. 

“Yeah, I dig into the ground and shove my head in so that I can sleep, why?” He asks. 

“Me and Emma are having trouble sleeping. Look at her! She looks like a zombie!” I shout.

 “You can always use my strategy, if that’ll help,” he tells me. 

“Thanks, man!” I reply.

 You know, I could really eat right now. All the talking has made me quite hungry. But then again, I’m always hungry. The last time I felt full was when the humans gave us food, but Emma and Ethan were sleeping, so I ate it all. I suddenly feel really sleepy, I better try and get sleep before I turn into a zombie. I dig into the ground and stuff my head in. Wow, this is prett..y… qui…e...t…………


I suddenly feel a huge bump. Woah! I get out of the hole that I dug. This is really trippy, I feel like I’m moving. “Mum! Elliot woke up!” The smallest human exclaims. “Hey Elliot,” she whispers. “We’re going to the beach, hooray!” What? What is a beach? “Emma?” I ask. She’s asleep. Well, at least she’s sleeping now. She won’t be snappy anymore and she’ll be her nice old self. Suddenly, I feel like we’ve stopped. Whoooaaaaa!!!! Thump!! We fell,  I think. The slightly old human picks the cage up. “Oopsies. You fell. Oh well. Let’s get out into fresh air!” He says.


 Huh? I see yellow stuff, and blue stuff that looks like what we drink. He plops the cage down. He lets me out! Yes! Then he puts me into a small can, and puts some stuff inside it. Then he pushes me. I thought I was gonna fall, but I’m rocking back and forth. This actually feels pretty good. The slightly older human gives me a treat. Yum! I eat it. I feel a hand picking me up and putting me in the cage.


The next thing I know, I’m back in the room. I feel relaxed, almost as if I’ve slept for a really long time. Was that all a dream? Well I don’t know, but that was a really nice dream, if I’ve ever had one. I feel great! You know, I really liked that. It might have been a dream, but it was definitely fun. I think I’ll rest in my favourite resting spot now. 


The End

Dog! Dog! Dog! Ruuuuuuun!!
by Charlotte

It was a normal beach day. Until Max came.

Max is my dog. He is usually an average - sized dog. But he has this really weird allergy to seawater. Whenever he touches it he becomes enormous!


My dad and I were at the beach. My aunt Sally and cousin, Joe, were visiting us. They said they would come after they showered. They didn’t know about Max’s allergy. Joe decided to bring Max. When they arrived they brought Max out of the car. When I saw Max I went nuts. 


“Are you crazy! Max can’t come here. What are you thinking!” I shouted. 

“What are you talking about?” asked Joe. 

“That!” I shouted and pointed at Max, who was running into the surf.

Then, Max began to grow. Max became enormous! Then he started running from the water like it would kill him. Running at Joe.

“Aaaahhhhhh!” screamed Joe as he started running from Max. And they are still running to this day.

by Sam

Once upon a time, there was a man called Lucas. He was a scientist. And as you all know, stories that begin in science labs always mess up in a way…


One day, Lucas and the other scientists were experimenting to try and make a bigger dog breed than the Great Dane. They had a little beaker with a few ingredients inside it. About 50% of it was lemon, 5% was trinitrotoluene, 2% was krinite, 3% was nyctopiculienism, 10% was enlargmatiognItrionugithesamulene, 20% was bigugeginoumusincatipationite, and the rest was kriptonulette. 


Mixing those ingredients together makes an excellent juice that not only makes a living being larger, but it also reduces the amount that cells need to work, and reduces the mass of the insides so that the animal doesn’t explode instantly. In a modern and future-like environment like that, the test should work. So they put the slimy, gooey paste into water, and hid behind glass. 


Shween! the doors opened. A cute medium-sized dog entered the room. Shhhk! The doors closed. The dog stepped onto the board and in an instant, the dog was strapped to the board. They unstrapped him, and gave him the half-lemon-but-will-enlarge-you juice, and the dog started to drink. Nothing happened. The bowl was empty. They waited a bit longer, but nothing. The potion didn’t work. 


Lucas entered the room with the dog inside it, and the dog unwrapped itself and scampered to Lucas.

 “Aw, hi cutie!” said Lucas. Then suddenly, the dog’s back went straight through the roof! “What the...” the scientists were all a bit nervous. Then, the dog’s front legs blew up in size, causing the floor to break. Then, it’s back legs and  tail became the same size as a normal cat. The head enlarged rapidly. Crack! The walls were falling apart at this point. Creeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaakkkk. The walls let out their last whimper. 


Ka-boom! The lab exploded into millions of pieces. Lucas was on the dog’s head, since the dog was nudging its head on him. Lucas let out a whisper, “Woah.” He was unstable, at least 4 meters in the air. Lucas was kind of scared. 

“Ugh, yuck!” He said as some sticky stuff landed on him. “What is this stuff!?” he squawked. 


Suddenly, he shrank into the size of a baby cat. “Why is this happening to me?” Lucas wailed. He felt wind brushing his face. The dog was chasing someone. Lucas had had enough. “Stop!” He shouted. “Down!” Surprisingly, the dog laid down. “Yes!” he screamed. 


A few hours passed, and Lucas and the dog were back to normal, as the effects were temporary. The dog didn’t have a home, either, so Lucas brought it to his house, and named him ‘Giant’.

Step by Step

If you want to paint something realistic like this then here is how to paint it in 14 quick & easy steps:

  1. Sketch

  2. Eat a doughnut

  3. Get your acrylic paints and brushes

  4. Eat a doughnut

  5. Paint the background

  6. Eat a doughnut

  7. Paint the dandelion seed  

8. Eat a doughnut

9. Paint the ladybug

10. Eat a doughnut

11. Add the shadows

12. Eat a doughnut

13. Add the highlights

14. Be sick

The Big One
by Nia

“Aaa what an amazing day, you’re a genius Leo. I know, “ I said to myself as I lowered myself into the onsen .earlier in the day I had been doing his daily vlog, # Ready for some Tangodanceing monkeys. By the way my Facebook account is  Leorick@Faceb00k. Any way, I was just starting to relax in the onsen, yes a natural onsen (# stay natural in the wild). Also, close by there's supposed to be humans roaming around. when I heard a thud, a cold shock went through my body. Then there was another thud and another, till it was raining snowballs all over me.  I realized I was under attack when I heard the Alpha yell, “Engage Fire! Fire!”

It was luna, my little sister. I turned around hopped out of the onsen and started firing but, as you might guess, I was outnumbered 1 to twenty, I thought. Anyway, I got covered in snow and was turned into a living snowman and had to watch every onsen warm up as I was freezing. Good news, after an hour, I was free. Yah.

Warning do not stare directly at teeth. Permanent blindness may occur.

By the way, I post new videos every Monday will be going on a world tour and we have new merch. Make sure to subscribe. See you on Monday!

by Mika

I slept well but…


I was sleeping on a fluffy thing

But when I woke up…

I was flying with a fluffy thing!!!

When I went to the highest part I said,“Wow. Amazing!!”

because I could see clean water, trees, wind, birds.

And it was just wonderful!

I was crying.

I don’t know why.

But it was so wonderful and I got sleepy and I got more sleepy...

When I woke up I was on the ground and I said…..

“It was a wonderful trip...I want to go again!

But…where am I?!😱Mom!!!”

And I got in trouble.

This Is The Life
by Nia

“Ow, ow, my ribs.  Ugh they feel broken. You darn squirrels. You will pay for this!” Hermit said as he crawled out of the can he was in. “ Aw. Even my pinky hurt.  Come on.” Hermit realized he was no longer in the house. 

Sniff. Sniff. "Where am I?  This definitely does not smell like a human room.”  Hermit looked up to see the squirrels had stuffed him in a can and threw him out the window of Jackie’s room.  Hermit looked around and saw a blue blob covering the flower  in front of him. Then he spotted the humans and decided he would get the squirrels in trouble. 


Hermit wobed over to the humans who were lounging on chairs tanning and drinking lemonade. Hermit came to a stop as he was a little scared of the big humans even bigger than Jakie, he started pouring out  his story in front of the humans , ” I was in bed then …….and the squirrels saw a can …… they threw me out of the room…… broken ribs maybe……. and now I am here””   Hermit had told his whole story in one breath and now was panting super fast. His tongue going 5 times the speed of Usain Bolt .

 ‘’ Aww. Did you hear that, Bob?  Hermit was squeaking and it was so adorable. Here you go, Hermit.” The big human leaned down and gave Hermit a small umbrella. 

‘’ Really?!” thought Hermit. Then Hermit had a revolutionary idea. He would have the time of his life and forget his worries like in a movie he had watched with Jackie in The Jungle Book and the song Bare Necessities. Hermit grabbed the umbrella in his mouth and dragged it to where he left the can. Hermit then grabbed the can and put in the  blue blob .Hermit  hoped in the can and used his tiny umbrella for shade 

“This Is The Life “ Hermit thought as he drifted around .

by Charlotte

If you want to paint something realistic like this then here is how to paint it in 14 quick & easy steps:


  1. Sketch

  2. Eat a doughnut

  3. Get your acrylic paints and brushes

  4. Eat a doughnut

  5. Paint the background

  6. Eat a doughnut

  7. Paint the dandelion seed

  8. Eat a doughnut

  9.  Paint the ladybug

  10. Eat a doughnut

  11. Add the shadows

  12. Eat a doughnut

  13. Add the highlights

  14. Be sick