HIS Student's Book Posters

Kei Fujiwara

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games - Kei Fujiwara
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I chose to make a poster about Catching fire, the second book of the Hunger games because Catching fire was one of the most addictive and amazing plotted book I ever read. As amazing and fun the first book one the second book brought more constant action. Catching Fire also included many aspects of life we can include in our life. Our problems may be very different in fear but we can also have similar problems. It's an amazing book and you all should read it too!

Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule

Ready Player One (William Chan)

Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule - Kei Fujiwara
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I decided to choose Forty Acres And Maybe A Mule for my book because I was very interested in seeing a perspective a dark-skinned boy my age undergo difference in color. It represented how difference just in color could bring such cruelty to one side. This book had the power to make me think and understand how it must have felt then. Even if they accomplished their goal of getting forty acres people could come and burn down their entire farm. Will they get their hands on the forty acres? If they do how would they survive a town full of racist people?

William Chan


Stolen - William Chan
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When I was looking through the books at Mr.Pangier’s miniature library, I glanced at my computer and realized that I haven’t read a mystery book yet. I continued to look, but nothing really sparked a flame in me. However, after I decided to look through the library, I found something that looked interesting to me. I decided to give the book a try and read the blurb. Then, as I was reading, there was one quote that really appealed to me. “Ugly as dirt, dirty as dirt. Ugly as sin, mean as sin. Don’t let the old witch catch you!” That’s how I decided to pick this book.

Ready Player One

Ready Player One - William Chan
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As I watched the Ready Player One movie with my friends, I was confused with the characters, the scenes, plots of the movie, and what the movie meant in the first place. That already really intrigued me to read the book. Not only that, but my friends already recommended the book to me even before watching the movie. Sadly, I had my time filled with other books I picked out at the time. Therefore, when I was free to read the book, I picked it up immediately.

Matthew McKinney

Into the Magic Shop

Start With Why - Matthew McKinney
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Into the Magic Shop is about a boy who learns a magic trick that allowed him to get whatever he wanted in life. He would learn a lesson and would explain to the readers how he achieved his outcome. The reason why I chose Into the Magic Shop for my exellence is because the book conveys a lesson that more people need to be aware of. If you want to know how this boy achieved his dreams, read this book and reach for your goals.

Thitipat Chatlekavanich

The Time Keeper

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