Nonno Kato's Sports Officer Speech

Nonno Kato's Sports Officer Speech

How to write an effective speech

To some young adults in this current society, Martin Luther King did not only become a leader in the civil rights movement, but he has given a powerful and impactful speech to the world. His beginning speech of “I have a dream” has become one of the well-known speeches that gathered 250,000 people to the Lincoln Memorial. In order to send a powerful message to the audience, we need to construct a speech that would stand out to not only a small community but agreeable to everyone. Some of the speakers tend to forget this and constantly focus on implementing what they need to put in their speeches which makes the hook of the overall speech not impactful than it should. This is one of the tips for avoiding speeches that may turn out boring to some of us! Nevertheless, we also need to conclude with a powerful ending as Martin Luther King did, “Free at Last, Free at Last, Great God a-mighty, We are free at last”. Always start strong and end strong!


Although I had many ideas of what I want to mention in my speech, I first began to focus on making a powerful intro sentence so that I could get more attention with my points. After completing my rough draft for my script, I began revising bits by bits from the intro sentence to my last ending as I thought of ways to persuade others. Even though there were countless of ways to attract audience members, I decided to choose a question to ask, which I made I unpurposefully made it vague so that all of the audience can relate or have an idea in their minds. This also made it possible to target large amounts of members! 


After reading the book "Speeches That Changed The World", I began to change my wording much stronger and powerful. Especially after I read Martin Luther King's Speech, which made me think of ways to inspire others with just even one sentence. With this in mind, I changed words from "I will try to change.." by saying that "we will be able to change" or "we could all work together" which would make it more relatable to them than just making it weak by sounding that there is less possibility. Most powerful speakers and influencers have one point in common, which is that the whole audience can empathize to it. So as a Sports Officer perspective, I also tried to target students who are not confident in sports, rather than telling ideas that could be only relatable to sports players.

Sports Officer Speech - Nonno Kato
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