Snow Festival Classic

On January 31st, at 2:00 PM the ball was thrown in the air by the referee and the Annual Snow Festival Classic Championship started. The starting five were the following - Blair, Josh,PK, Sohta and William (alphabetical Order). In the bench cheering was Chihiro, Daisuke, Kai, Kento, Kenyu, Ray, Tyler, Reika, Nicholas and of course Coach Mario. The first game was against Nagoya International School, then Hiragishi High School, then Nagoya International School once more then lastly Kyoto International University Academy. The tournament ended with HIS coming in fourth place. 



Blair, the team captain commented that the “Team did well but saddening that the team had to deal with injuries, but the future of basketball at this school is very promising”. Throughout the tournament, we had numerous injuries such as Blair’s broken finger, PK’s twisted ankle and William’s hip injury. Unfortunately PK and Blair’s injuries resulted in them not being able to play for the remainder of the tournament. 

William, a Varsity player since 8th grade and his fifth time playing in SFC - “It was my last Snow Festival Classic Tournament at HIS, and I highly appreciate everyone’s support. There are many young student-athletes in our school, who “will” bring the SFC trophy back. Please support them with the same energy.”













Sohta, a Varsity Player since grade 10 expressed his last experience playing in SFC - he says he won’t be playing next year, but said that SFC was the best basketball experience he had ever had - and that he needed only a few points each as a team to win

the championship. There were many close games throughout the tournament, especially the game against Hiragishi High School.

Both Varsity and Junior Varsity Season Tournament MVP and Sports Officer Pukuan Cheng explained his thoughts and hopes for the Tournament next year. “It’s going to be a tough year for our team, we have starters leaving and many were injured during the season - but we were still able to put up a good run.” We talked to him in extent for what to work on next year and said that he is looking forward to improving our outside shooting since we would be a smaller team next season.

Finally, Daisuke had a message he wanted to share - “Despite him not being on the team, Lucas was the best player in the tournament.”

Next year, we may lose many valuable players and the team will be smaller but the team will fight even harder to win the trophy back.

We look forward to the tournament next year and hope that a more variety of teams will join the tournament. 


Go huskies!

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