Sea Kayak

By: Jirawat

        What is sea kayak? On the 15th September 2018, it was a sunny saturday morning. 16 people joined the trip, including 4 teachers and 12 students. The trip cost 5500 yen for normal students and 2000 yen for OP students. Sea kayak is a sports of paddling in the open ocean on a small boat. The trip took place from 7am-3pm.

        We met in school at 7 and left school 15 minutes later. The drive was around 1 hour 30 minute and we had a short break in between the drive. When we reached the place, everyone rushed out the bus to go change. It was very windy and was the perfect weather to go for sea kayak. The staff went through all the rules we had to follow and gave us our paddle. We had to go in pairs and carry the boat to the ocean together. The boat was around 25 Kg, which took us a lot of effort just to carry it to the ocean.

           When we reached the ocean, we all put our boats down and run towards the water. The water was really cold. I don't want to get wet at all. The staff went through the instructions again before we pulled our boats into the ocean. At first no one was able to do it well, but after some time everyone was able to do it properly.

         We paddled to a small island. The staff asked everyone to get off the boat and go to the peak of one of the rocks to jump down from it. We all did it 2-3 times each until its 11:30 am and we headed back to shore. Everyone was really tired. They all got changed and went on to the bus

         After that we went to Otaru to have lunch until 2pm then headed back to school. On the way back a lot of people just slept the whole way back. We reached school at 3pm and all separated our ways. I really enjoyed the trip and would gladly go again!

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