Spirit Week

       This is the 13th week of school. This week is special because it is our spirit week. What is spirit week? Spirit week is for the students and staffs to show the school spirit by dressing up according the the dress code given by the student council. If you dress up according to the dress code some rewards will be given to you.

       On Monday the dress code was for us to come to school in pajamas. Not a lot of people came in pajamas because they didn’t know about it. The reward was hot chocolate and it was really tasty. The next day was a Tuesday, we were supposed to dress up as twins. A lot of people attended it. They get to take pictures together as twins. The special thing about Tuesday is because there is a school event after school. It is called the strength contest. Masayori was the one who organized the event and there were a lot of prize given out.

       The third day was to dress for halloween. Most of them are dressed up as ghost. For me Tyoma has the most interesting costume, he dressed up as a cone. There was also the halloween costume show. There were kids dressing up as monsters. They seem to really enjoy it. Thursday was wacky Thursday. Only a few people dressed up because it was quite hard to dress up wacky. Friday was to dress up according to the school color which are green, black and white. 90% of the people dressed up, but there was no reward given to us.

       I really enjoy spirit week because it shows us how much the students and staff loves the school. I really hope we have another spirit week with more rewards and more events.

By: Jirawat

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