Jozankei Fashion Contest

By: Katya Rosero, Teleri Thompson, Kotomi Robbins

Jozankei Trip was canceled due to coronavirus. Some people from the publications team worked together to keep the fashion contest by sending an email to all the team captains explaining what happened and that we wanted to continue. We asked them for pictures of their designs and we posted them on a public page and asked people to vote for their favorites. 

These were some of the designs for the teams.





















The winner is the blue team: the Smurfs. Their idea was to create a dress with plastic to recreate the ocean pollution (image on the left)


Here's a look at how a few of the contestants felt about the fashion contest and the cancelation of Jozankei:


“I really wanted to go to Jozankei this year because I’m a senior and it was gonna be my last one”



“I think that doesn’t really affect me so I don’t really care if it got canceled but I’m also sad because we already had the materials for the fashion contest and it never happened”