Climbing the Volcano 

By: Lilith Horner

Our school, Hokkaido International School has many nature programs that benefit our growth. One of them is the annual Yotei mountain hike. This year,  a significant number of students participated in this hike. The Yotei Hike consists of a 4-5 hour ascend, and a 5-6 hour descend. The hike starts at 12 at night which was the hardest task for me as I had to fight the battle of sleep deprivation. Unfortunately, this year was one of the unlucky years where we were struck by strong wind and rain that felt like bullets.

A junior in HIS, Reika Samantha, successfully climbed mount Yotei for the 3rd time. I can’t stop myself from wondering what makes her want to go back to Yotei? The hike itself is very harsh and challenging.

“What motivates you to go back to mount Yotei?"

    “This year was my third year, and it's surprising to think that since I'm not the fittest or outdoor-ish person (and I complain a lot). Although I think to myself, "I'm never doing this again" during the actual hike, by the time a week has passed, the goal of watching the sunrise and just the accomplishment of self-pride and "hiking Yotei" is what truly what gets me going, I think.”

(Reika Samantha)

I recommend all students of Hokkaido International School to climb mount Yotei once in there lifetime. Being in nature help to clear our minds and putting yourself in harsh conditions really is a way to grow as a human.

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